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Seeking for the holistic preparation of the real business world, the students of ABS visited Noida Authorities. To synchronize with the legal aspects of business and business environment, the students were acquainted with the notary functioning. The theoretical foundation was supplemented through practical real life experience wherein the students were acquainted with the types of stamp paper, its uses, denominations available in and the need to get the same notarized.

Mr. S.K.Sharma (Advocate and Notary) guided the students with his expert knowledge and explained the intricacies with respect to the stamp paper issuance, identifying a fake from an original, procedural knowledge of entering into a contract or preparation of an affidavit and getting it notarized. Moreover, the stamp-dealer detailed the process of issuance of the stamp paper from the treasury, preparation of books of accounts at the dealer end, and submission of final stamp-paper accounts at the year-end.

p align=”justify”>Advocate Sharma, a subject-matter expert, responded to various students’ queries pertaining to practical situations faced. The visit gave the budding managers the real feel of the real world making them legally more confident.