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The very thought of creating various clubs and designing the respective activities stems from the objective of giving inputs to the students beyond what they can learn from books. On 17th August, 2013, “Bulls n Bears” – Finance Club of Asian Business School organized one such activity in the campus – Insurance awareness campaign. The programme began with the lighting of lamp. Buoyant response from the students of both the junior as well senior batches was received in terms of participation. The whole event was spread into two activities viz. Nukkad Natak and Dumb Charades. Four teams representing their individual classes performed nukkad natak on the theme. Each group presented their show well and explained various terms related to Insurance. The groups were successful in blending theory and knowledge with humour and acting skills. Along with the explanation of insurance terminology through their acts, they also highlighted the importance of remaining informative and vigilant towards fraudulent activities. Nukkad natak was followed by Dumb Charades, which involved enacting on the terms related to insurance itself. The august gathering was not only able to connect things but also learnt some of the concepts which were previously not known to them. Looking at the potential and level of motivation of the students, while declaring the results of both the activities, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava – Director, Asian Business School, showed his craving for continuity of such kind of activities with more of technical component added to it. The event was declared closed with vote of thanks to honorable Director, faculty members, staff members and the entire fraternity of students of ABS.