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Some of the most popular specializations in MBA programs

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is a two-year program aiming to make the student proficient in different aspects of management, and an expert in at least one of them. Usually during first year of the course, focus revolves around providing students a brief about different aspects of management.

However, during the second year, one needs to choose one area of specialization from a variety of choices, but doing so may not be an easy task for the students if they do not have an idea as to what these specialization courses would lead them to in future. So preferably, students need to consider own career goals while finalizing on one.

So if you are looking forward to enroll yourself for any of the MBA Programs, it would be advisable to take a look at some of the most sought after specializations.


If marketing and advertising is what you believe you may excel at, just consider Marketing Specialization in MBA. Here you are supposed to learn how to promote products and services, develop and implement some good and innovative marketing ideas and probably communicate with customers as well. You may also work in Sales where in you are expected to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors. Probably this is one of the most rigorous job profiles in a modern day organization, but certainly the most rewarding one as well, both financially and otherwise. Any good MBA curriculum would be focusing a lot on Marketing and Sales these days, particularly as most of the firms are involved in intense competition and fighting for a better market share.


Students who are good in numbers generally prefer to opt for Finance. Many top notch bankers, financial controllers, Chief Financial Officers (CFO) and finance managers are usually specialists in finance stream. In this specialization, you are expected to study various kinds of accounting and financial analysis as the main subjects.

Human Resource Management

Specialization in Human Resource Management can help a student to gain expertise in a field which is mainly viewed as critical for the success of an entity. Role of a Human Resources Manager has evolved over the years. At one point of time, their responsibilities primarily revolved around staff recruitment, however now HR specialists are supposed to maintain policies and procedures, drive training and development for staff, maintain payrolls, monitor safety at workplace and improve corporate culture for talent retention.

Information Technology (IT)

A specialized MBA in Information Technology (IT) puts the student at the cutting edge of design and the flow of information. With more focus on use of Information Technology over the past couple of decades, this is an area that is being focused upon by one and sundry now-a-days. So if you want to manage data and its movement within and outside the organization, you may consider this specialization.

Apart from these major specializations mentioned above, some institutes also offer specializations such as Operations Management which focuses on planning, organizing and managing production function to maximize productivity; and specialization in International Business in which one learns strategy formulation keeping in mind the international context thus preparing you to work with people and organizations the world over.

Most of the good MBA Colleges in Delhi NCR would be offering most of the major specializations. However as to which of them you would like to pursue, it all depends on personal strengths, interests and career goals. You need to ensure that there should be a fit between your personality and the specialization you choose.