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Message from the Director, Asian Education Group – Orientation Program of PGDM 2018-20

Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director Asian Education Group, graced the dais of the Orientation Program of PGDM 2018-20 batch on both days of the 2nd & 3rd July 2018 as the head of this dynamic establishment. Dr. Srivastava is a creative, emphatic, academic visionary who believes that sky is the limit for AEG.

In his customary subtle manner, he conveyed to the students his happiness in their opting for Asian Business School and the wonderful journey that lay ahead for the PGDM students. He said that the path would definitely not be strewn with roses and there would be hurdles too. The mission of Asian Business School, he said is to establish well researched and pragmatic business practices to enable the students to meet the challenges of a fast changing business environment in the new world economic order. Asian Business School, he said is committed to its vision “Growth with Education“, and that an alignment exists with this vision through comprehension of the immediate need to impart a variety of general and subject specific skills. This opens up exploring those aspects which are generic, transferable skills and attitude applicable in different situations, and developing conceptual and practical skills to convert abilities of students into managerial competence, required in today’s competitive environment. At ABS it is understood that it is imperative to expose the PGDM students to the theories and concepts of their PGDM curriculum, but no stone is left unturned to develop a practical orientation in them towards management techniques.

He spoke about how he strongly believes that a blend of relevant knowledge, skill and right attitude is essential for the overall development of ABS’s management students which determines their growth and success in the corporate world.

The students applauded this speech with fervor, motivated and ready to begin!