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Importance of International Study Trips in Developing Global Perspective in PGDM Students

Education provides us knowledge of the world around us and develops a positive perspective of looking at life. One of the goals of education is to prepare students for valuable participation in society. Students master the technical knowledge, skills and abilities through traditional classroom activities. For a skilled professional management program like PGDM, it’s very important to have a high standard classroom interaction with lots of projects, role plays, researches, business competitions and industry internships to fulfill the needs of changing business environment. To do so, Asian Business School has a well designed PGDM program which helps students in building the ability to cope with changing business environment. This program adds further in the development of skill sets of students by including international study trip in developing global perspective in PGDM students which further increases their employability score.

ABS PGDM Program has a strong emphasis on practical application and real world experiences through international case studies, mentoring program and international study trip to London and make this program a holistic one.

International Study Trips contribute in developing global perspective in PGDM students further in the following ways:

  1. Students get an opportunity to grow at a professional as well as at a personal level by gathering life experiences during international study trips. Consequentially new perspective on culture, language skills, academic exposure, and willingness to learn will certainly contribute to the student’s growth prospects.
  1. It also gives students a new perspective on their subject, channelizing and gauging their focus on innovative career opportunities. The resulting knowledge will provide a much better understanding and clarity for their career path.
  1. Broadening world views and ways of thinking by experiencing different cultures first hand as the cultural awareness that comes from interacting alongside students from other countries will make the student more globally aware.

Oxford Study Program of ABS is designed to give students the opportunity to earn Executive Diploma in International Business while residing in Oxford, UK. Along with classroom study, the Oxford Program includes participation in project work and on-site visits to historical and cultural venues in Oxford and London, U.K. keeping in mind the following vision “Until you actually arrive in a culture, and experience it and see your own reaction first-hand, it’s hard for people to understand what it’s like to work in a global environment.”