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Asian Business School – which is a part of Asian Education Group and is ranked as one of the best B-schools in Delhi NCR – is proud to share that our Dr. Anubhuti Dwivedi, Dean Academics at Asian Business School, has recently prominently featured among the “10 Most Influential Women Leaders in Indian Education” by Higher Education Digest, the reputed independent higher education portal & magazine!

One of the major assets of an institution is the intellectual capital, since it promotes competitive advantages that becomes a base of value generation. The faculty, an important constituent group at ABS, comes from a diverse background having experience in industry and academia. It is one of the most valuable resources, which, with its expertise, has a major role to continuously generate and grow knowledge and thus, contribute to the competitive advantage of the institution. It is charged with the discovery and dissemination of knowledge and therefore an inimitable presence, lying at the heart of organizational capabilities.

Dr. Anubhuti Dwivedi, Professor and Dean at Asian Business School is an academician with 18 years of experience in post graduate teaching and research in the area of Economics and Business Environment. She is a Doctorate in Economics and a double Post Graduate in Economics and Management. Her national and international publications including 6 books, 16 research papers and 2 cases published by reputed international publishers like IGI Global, USA and Case Centre U.K. She has successfully completed an internationally funded research project funded by New York University Stern School of Business and National Stock Exchange of India and presented papers in various conferences at reputed institutes including IIMs and National Stock Exchange. During the course of her career, she has been in various administrative positions where she developed the institutional framework and was at the core of various Conferences, Seminars, FDPs and MDPs while leading the team. She has also been awarded with “The Women of Excellence Award 2019” by Business View Magazine.

According to Dr. Anubhuti, ABS management, unlike its peers, places immense faith in their academic leaders. The independence of thought and action taken in sync with the organizational goals has always been encouraged and participative decision making giving due consideration to all stakeholders has always been followed at ABS. Everyone in the system is concerned about the well-being of students which makes ABS the best avenue for any sincere academic leader. Their focus on research and development is instrumental in promoting faculty members and academic leaders for excelling in various domains through research and training for upgradation of their knowledge.