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Address by Hon’ble Shri. Pranab Mukherjee, Former President of India to the students at Asian Education Group

It was an auspicious day for Asian Education Group on 28th August 2018 when we got an opportunity to listen to the words of wisdom from none other than Hon’ble Shri. Pranab Mukherjee, Former President of India at the AEG campus itself. He expressed his happiness while addressing the students of Asian Education Group and congratulated Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President – Asian Education Group to have led the group over past 25 years and developed it into a world class place for imparting education to youth of the day, both from India and from abroad, so much so that the group is fully living the reputation of its Vision of “Growth with Education”.

Shri. Pranab Mukherjee attributed the growth of Asian Education Group to continuous transformation and innovation in the field of education that has helped it to become a trusted and influential institution providing an internationally recognized management qualification to its students.

While addressing the gathering, he emphasized that today’s students are going to be the future leaders of this great nation. By gaining competence, students should gain the knowledge through education in this esteemed Institute that shall make them conscientious individuals who can lead a positive change in the society in future. He also made it clear that it’s about time as India is looking forward to become a global power and youth of India have the most pivotal role to play in this. Putting the country at a position in the global landscape where it is known for its values, quality of life and social justice should be the prime goal and one should be successful in achieving this objective by employing the skills and knowledge acquired at the Asian Education Group. This would in true sense, translate into reality the vision of founders of the group to bring about “Growth with Education”.

He also stressed upon the role of Education in the foundation of a nation’s political, economic and social well-being as it empowers the people and transforms the socio-economic structure towards equitable distribution of not only income, but the opportunities as well. Educational institutes of our country have the onus of building the youth of the country by imparting values which are crucial for shaping the nation’s future – values of equality, compassion and democracy that brings together our diverse cultures.

He also talked as to how a blended learning approach needs to be promoted for achieving the objective of fruitful employment for our youth force wherein learning within the four walls of classrooms is integrated with practical applications in a workplace setting and was elated to learn that Asian Education Group has adopted this approach and has included live projects, industrial visits and industry mentorship programme in the curriculum along with mandatory internships and research projects.

Shri. Pranab Mukherjee being a law graduate himself said that students studying law at Asian Education Group are certainly going to be developed into responsible citizens and lawyers of integrity which is the essential requirement for preserving the democratic and secular fabric of India.

He culminated his address by wishing the best to the students and expressed his faith that the students with their intellectual capabilities, values and skills that they acquire here from the distinguished faculty members would pave the path for their successful career, with many professional accomplishments to their credit of which their parents, teachers and alma-mater will be proud of in the future.