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ABS as a Best B-school for Inspiring Entrepreneurial Action in a World of Disruption

At first it was the Internet. Then came the sharing economy. Amidst all that, there came the waves of predictions of how automation will change the world as we know it.

And now, we are in the middle of a coronavirus global pandemic! With all these things happening in a series, disruption looks like the only constant in business today.

If you are planning to go to one of the best business schools in India, it is best to find one with curricula that match this reality.

It has never been more important for business education to remain relevant and to match employers’ demands.

Because, if they don’t, then they could risk falling behind with an outdated skill set and a lack of industry experience.

Here it would be quite relevant to quote Dame Carolyn Fairbairn, the Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which is one of the UK’s most influential business organizations, and is a strong advocate of industry-relevant business education.

In the Rethinking Business Education (Fit for the Future) report by the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS), Carolyn – an MBA graduate herself – highlights the absolute importance of preparing aspiring business graduates, like you, for the uncertain future of work.

According to her, “For business schools to properly prepare their students for the modern workplace, they need to train graduates not for roles that exist currently, but for those that will exist in five, ten or fifteen years.”

Carolyn also explains that much of this relies on greater collaboration, between businesses and universities, but also within business schools themselves.

She further adds, “This means business schools need to keep their curriculum under constant review to make sure it reflects the changing world around us and draws upon the interdisciplinary strengths of universities.”

So, if you are looking to pursue postgraduate business education in India, look for ones that fit this bill. And, if you have plans to become the next top entrepreneur in your country, then you will also need to see if the business school you have chosen has career services in place that fully support your long-term goals.

Here, it would perhaps be quite apt to suggest Asian Business School (ABS), Noida as a best B-school in the Delhi NCR region of India that truly drives entrepreneurial action in this current world of disruption.


An innovative centre of academic excellence and one of the top B-Schools in India for PGDM duly recognized and approved by AICTE Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India – Asian Business School (ABS), Noida is committed to preparing their students to succeed in a complex, hyper-connected future. The school believes in fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among its PGDM students and for this purpose it has established the Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Centre (EDIC). ABS’s EDIC aims to enable the students to be more creative and self-confident in taking rational risk in starting an enterprise and encourage innovative business start-ups and facilitate them through research and consultancy. It, thereby, enables entrepreneurs to be successful in creating business change and lead with confidence.

ABS’s EDIC conducts Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for developing entrepreneurial skills enabling students to take up entrepreneurship as a career choice. It also organizes guest lectures, awareness campaigns, seminars & workshops, quizzes and business plan competitions for entrepreneurship development.

ABS’s EDIC also houses an ‘Incubation Centre’ that assists entrepreneurs with documentation, marketing and recruitment as well as in conducting surveys on entrepreneurial opportunities, industry requirements and market potential of the region.

EDIC also has an arm of ‘ABS Institution Innovation Council under Ministry of Education (MoE) Innovation Cell (ABS-IIC)’, which is innovation centric and motivates and instills the innovation fire among the students.

On top of all these initiatives, ABS-EDIC offers a ‘Certification in Entrepreneurship’ to its students. This program aims at inculcating and improving the entrepreneurship mindset of young people to enable them to be more creative and self-confident in taking rational risk in starting an enterprise.

The knowledge and skills developed through this certification will encourage students to plan innovative business start-ups and facilitate them through research and consultancy. It will also encourage Social Entrepreneurship for enhancing the role of students in society and the economy. Students shall develop competence as a composition of entrepreneurial attitude, entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Asian Business School is also passionate about working towards achieving a sustainable future for all. Their flagship postgraduate programme (ABS PGDM) has sustainable approaches to business embedded throughout its core course curriculum.

Their internationally accredited ABS PGDM programme has been designed to help leaders tackle global challenges which is reflected in its international tie-ups with renowned international institutions like United Kingdom’s University of Central Lancashire, Northumbria University, Winchester University & Oxford Business College.

All PGDM programmes at ABS have been developed in consultation with industry partners and professional accreditation bodies. This means that the content is relevant and creates sharp, agile and sustainably focused business leaders.

If you want to discover more about the Asian Business School experience, you can take a virtual tour of the beautiful ABS campus located at Sector 125, Noida.