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With the advent of Globalisation, Indian market is open to multinational companies. The global market has a favourable sentiment with regard to the Indian economy. Hence this gives a unique opportunity to Management students to rub shoulders with the best in the market. With the rising expectations, we as academia face a challenge to make our students corporate ready and horn the required skills so that they may stand in good stead.


At Asian Business School, we understand the requirement of the market and impart necessary tools that will have value additions in present as well in future. All the students at ABS are being groomed to be future business leaders. To enhance their skills we ensure their all-round development. Hence we give them a unique opportunity to earn four Diplomas along with the regular program.

  1. Diploma in Corporate Communication- At ABS we ensure that our student learns the nuances of communication and can communicate with the national and international counterparts with élan. The course content is quite exhaustive and not only aims at the theory part but practical sessions too. The recently conducted workshop on Emotional Intelligence and a workshop which is planned on English Phonetics in immediate future aims at equipping the students with these skills.
  2. Diploma in Media and Entertainment- As value addition we offer this diploma keeping in view the steady rise in event management. It enhances the understanding of the management student in relation to role of media. This diploma equips the student with the knowledge of media and enables them to be part of their management team and understand their working.
  3. Diploma in International Business- We believe in keeping our students abreast with the changing market environment internationally. We offer this diploma which they earn from Oxford Business College, London, U.K. The students go there and give their presentations in presence of their faculty.
  4. Diploma in Foreign Language- With the changing work climate the Asianites are made corporate ready so that they do not encounter the communication barrier in any way and make themselves adaptable in any given situation.

Asianites are armoured with these skills so that they have an edge on their counterparts graduating from any other B School.