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In the contemporary corporate world where meeting or beating the deadline, target achieving, cut throat competition is the order of the day; one cannot imagine that once upon a time there lived a Messiah. He was the champion for those who were not heard, he was helping hand to those who were cut off from the mainstream society, he uplifted those who were termed as untouchables, he is “Bapu” or father to a nation which was oppressed under the rule of Mighty British Empire. Today we pay our obeisance to a man called Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi.

While we commemorate his 146th birth anniversary, a pertinent question comes to our mind-Is the Gandhian Ideology relevant in 21st Century and more specifically in corporate environment? He stood for Truth, Honesty, Integrity, Cleanliness; Helping the down trodden, Boosting Indian Goods, Non violence and Non cooperation. Though the latter were his political principles but to our amazement all the others are relevant even today. In the Corporate contours, the professional is expected be possess the qualities like being truthful, honest and possessing the integrity of character. These are also called ethical corporate practices. All most all corporate houses are contributing to the Cleanliness drive or Swachta Abhiyaan which promises to achieve Clean India Campaign by 2019. Under the umbrella of “Corporate Social Responsibility, major corporate houses have adopted villages which are devoid of any modern amenities, they have established Rehabilitation Centers for the Leprosy patients and are working towards bringing them back to the mainstream society. There is a conscious effort to boost the Indian goods for the Indian and overseas market through “Make In India” campaign.

We at ABS, make a deliberate effort to align with the functioning of the corporate. Our students are groomed with the ethical principles and are sensitized about the ongoing dynamics of global market with relation to the Indian Corporate Environment. They actively participated in the Swachta Ahbiyaan which was initiated in our campus. There were a number of guest lectures which made them aware of the importance of Vedanta and Gandhian philosophy in Management. We wish to convey the message to our future managers to take pride in being an Indian and always remember that the man who is often referred in the speeches of great world leaders as “a champion of world peace” from Mr. Nelson Mandela to Mr. Barak Obama is an Indian….he is Mahatma Gandhi.