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Factors to consider while selecting your dream B-school

The quintessential MBA degree which was once believed to be the passport to success is slowly losing its sheen. The outcome of management education in India has been far from effective and has given rise to this dismal state of affairs where only seven percent of management graduates in the country find jobs after completing their course, barring those from the top 20 B-Schools (recent ASSOCHAM Report).

So here lies the point- Management education in the country needs to rise up to global standards and hone the skills of the aspiring management students to make them industrious and meticulous enough; and to inculcate in them the business acumen and desire to be not only an employee but also an employer as a successful entrepreneur. There are certain points to ponder over while choosing your dream B-School in India.

  1. Infrastructure

Most B-Schools have in place the buildings or the edifices as that is a mandatory requirement for establishing a B-School in India or abroad. But those which have the buildings too do not have the infrastructure in terms of Library, Labs equipped with latest software for business analytics, databases needed for research and decent internet connectivity. Investing in infrastructure is essential to reap the benefits in terms of research output from faculty and making students aware about the dynamic business environment while making them industry ready through use of technology. Asian Business School, Noida is known for its state of the art infrastructure and facilities provided to students.

  1. Faculty Resources

Any good B-School of a repute would have its foundation in its faculty resources which are an inspiration in themselves. Good faculty can lead by example in making their students think out of the box and create innovative solutions to business problems through impactful research. It is not just about having a doctoral degree, rather about having the teaching and research aptitude that leads to that degree and in turn motivates the students to dive deeper into the vast sea of possibilities and create their own niche. So, you must look for the qualification and experience of faculty members before opting for a top B-School in India.

Asian Business School as a top b-school in Delhi NCR has a diversified pool of well qualified faculty members having rich academic as well as industry experience which actually makes the vision of ABS – “Growth with Education” a reality.

  1. Skill Development

There is no doubt that a successful manager is the one who can analyze, interpret and conclude faster than the competitors. Nonetheless, he is also a leader, and thus, needs to develop soft skills in order to communicate well what he analyzes and make his team believe in his decisions. Managing change at all levels, whether internal or external is at the core of a successful organization. And for that, management graduates need to be trained for soft skills as well as for analytical skills. Centre for Skill Development (CSD) at Asian Business School has been specially set up for building the competencies and skills in the students for making them corporate ready. The various workshops and training sessions conducted under CSD for its PGDM students actually transform them into professionals.

  1. Placements

Your dream B-School should be able to provide its students the dream job they aspire for. Placements should be considered not only on the basis of the salary package but also on the career growth prospects, quality of work and the sectors where the major placements take place. International placements establish the quality of a B-School as the students trained from that B-School are accepted by global industry. Asian Business School is well known for its excellent placement record offering lucrative packages and international placements.

  1. Global Exposure

The B-Schools having international linkages must definitely be preferred over others which do not have this edge as international study tours and projects. International exposure is a must in today’s global business environment. Asian Business School, Noida offers an excellent international exposure opportunity to all its students through the one – week fully-sponsored educational trip to Oxford, U.K.

  1. Entrepreneurial Training

The best global management institutions are evaluated on the basis of the entrepreneurs that develop from these institutes. Developing an entrepreneurial mindset and abilities in the students is one of the key focus areas of good B-Schools. One should aspire for not only becoming a job ready professional but also an entrepreneur who is a job creator. The Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Centre at ABS is dedicated for turning the dreams of young innovators into feasible business ideas.

Taking into consideration the above mentioned points the choice of your dream B-School would be perfect in outcome.