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5 Ways to Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Career with a PGDM from Asian Business School

There are plenty of reasons why a PGDM course could set you on the fast-track to career success in digital marketing. Here are just a few of the major ones:

  1. Develop a Thorough Working Knowledge of Digital Marketing Management

As we already mentioned, completing a PGDM Program gives you a well-rounded education in business fundamentals. You will learn everything from data analysis to marketing management to accounting and strategy.

Your education will position you perfectly for a high-velocity digital marketing job where you must wear many hats and constantly pivot to adapt to the rate of change in the industry.

For example, look at these real job listings in the digital marketing field from Indeed. Highlighted in yellow are keywords detailing the knowledge and skills you will need across many disciplines to be a true, high-earning, digital marketing master:

As you can see, a well-rounded business education could put you ahead as a candidate for these types of digital marketing positions.

Here’s another example from a remote digital marketing job listing, where the required skills and knowledge span from data analysis to accounting principles and good written/verbal communication:

  1. Get Tons of Opportunities to Put Theory into Practice

Earning a PGDM sets you apart in other ways as you look toward a career in digital marketing – it gives you those valuable work experience opportunities you need to catch the eye of a hiring manager or employer. In other words, you will get more chances to put business and marketing theories into practice.

Most PGDM programs put you in touch with a network of prospects to practice your skills: internships, externships, group projects, conferences, and more.

All of these can lead to beneficial contacts and job opportunities later.

And each of these opportunities looks equally good on a resume, too.


  1. Earn Higher Pay Out of the Gate + Increased Employability

One of the most compelling reasons people choose to get their marketing PGDM is because it automatically positions them for better pay and better job prospects.

With a PGDM, you will be sure of standing out. As data from Zippia shows, nearly 60% of all digital marketing managers have a bachelor’s degree, but only 24.4% have a master’s.

Many employers and hiring managers value higher education when looking at job applications. If you have a PGDM, you will automatically get separated from the slush pile of resumes.

A PGDM also positions you for higher pay if you have the experience to go along with it. In late 2019, the median weekly pay for salary workers with a bachelor’s degree was $1,281, according to the BLS. For advanced degree holders, the median weekly earnings jumped up by 21.7%, to $1,559.

  1. Advance in Your Organization by Leaps & Bounds

If you work in digital marketing and want to further your career, a PGDM can help you take the next step to that promotion or a swankier job title.

You already have a better chance of promotion via your department or company versus an outside opportunity.

According to ADP’s State of the Workforce 2019 report, companies and departments in the information sector are more likely to promote from within – more than any other industry. On top of that, the average wage increase due to a promotion is 17%, which is among the highest out there.

That means leveling-up your business marketing knowledge and skills with a PGDM is a smart idea, because there is a great likelihood it will lead to bigger and better things in your current environment.


  1. Make Valuable Connections

Last but not least, one of the best reasons a PGDM will supercharge your digital marketing career is due to the connections you will make.

Your professors, classmates, advisors, and other contacts in your PGDM program will be valuable networking assets both before and after you graduate. Whether you choose to learn on a campus or online, you will have unlimited opportunities to create mutually beneficial relationships with the people in your classes and program.

If you work on building those professional relationships along the way, you will be set up with a dependable resource once you are ready to get out there and leverage those connections.

Investing in a PGDM at Asian Business School Could Be Your Smartest Career Move

Your career in digital marketing gets fast-tracked if you invest in a PGDM program. That is because earning a marketing PGDM gives you a solid foundation for thriving in a hot market that is not slowing down.

Digital marketing hopefuls and professionals alike need a competitive edge in this field, which can change as quickly as the weather.

A PGDM program offers you a deeper understanding of business and marketing concepts, more chances to add to your resume, increased employability, and a better likelihood of advancing within your current job environment.

Add the networking possibilities to the pile of benefits, and you are left with an investment in your future you cannot deny.

Thus, a modern Post Graduate Diploma in Management program or PGDM Program could indeed be your ticket to that big promotion or dream job opportunity. In India, this would make sense only if you are able to undertake this PGDM course at one of the top B-school in India like Asian Business School (ABS) located in Delhi NCR’s Noida.

The reasons for this proposition are many:

Asian Business School is an innovative centre of academic excellence and one of the top B-Schools in India for PGDM, recognized and approved by AICTE Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. Ranked 7th Amongst ‘Top B-Schools of Excellence’ by CSR-GHRDC, Asian Business School is a part of Delhi NCR-based largest centre for professional media, IT, law, fashion & hospitality education in Asia with world-class facilities, namely Asian Education Group (AEG). The programmes here are purposeful and professionally oriented. The core advantage of studying at ABS is to get an internationally recognized qualification, by the finest academic minds who impart holistic knowledge by deductive learning methodology. The support from the industry is immense inform of internship and job placements.

Acknowledging the growing importance of ‘Digital Marketing’ as one of the most useful and essential skill for any management professional these days, ABS in collaboration with NIIT – the multinational training company which offers training & development programs to corporations, institutions & individuals in Digital Transformation & IT – is offering an Executive Certification in Digital Marketing program along with its regular flagship PGDM program that would enable the students to understand how digital marketing can help in the growth of a business.

Some of the programme learning outcomes of this Certification include getting a clear understanding of the fundamentals & importance of Digital Marketing; learning how to effectively manage social media, online advertising & marketing campaigns; understanding the  various methods of promoting business online; driving the new traffic to a website while improving online conversion rates; understanding how digital marketing can help grow a business, domestically and internationally; creating and developing effective and targeted email marketing campaigns that aligns with business goals; understanding the concept of Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing; measuring and analyzing the visitor traffic to a website to continuously develop and improve digital marketing; understanding the concept of Search Engine Optimization in detail; getting a clear understanding of YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and much more.

Thus, apart from enabling the students to learn how to analyze the online data and various other aspects related to it, this certification would open up a world of new career opportunities for the students!