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5 Tips for making the most of your MBA/PGDM program

Applying for admission to a business school is an all-consuming experience. Researching for numerous specializations, preparing for entrance examinations, group discussions, and personal interviews is undoubtedly a much strenuous process. In this procedure, aspiring students might find it difficult to remember that admission into a B-school isn’t the end goal; it is just the beginning!

Efforts to make each MBA/PGDM student a strong team player, domain expert, and eventually a global manager with a deep understanding of the sector, start from day one. Academic experience and all-round development in Asian Business School (ABS) changes students’ outlook towards life, professionally as well as personally.

As management students embark on their journey towards excellence, given below are five ways that would help them optimize their MBA/PGDM qualification.

Undertake research projects: While pursuing MBA/PGDM, students must learn how to research well and write academic papers as it helps them develop a problem-solving ability and gives them a deeper understanding of the domain.

Asian Business School (ABS) provides ample research opportunities to students. Students can participate in annual conferences, conclaves and seminars and assist their mentors in research projects. Such research projects help students gain hands-on experience in completing a creative business project. It also helps them garner academic credentials that provide a strong base for a well-rounded resume. Such projects also often lead to presentations at professional conferences, which act as a foundation when students apply for higher education scholarships, or even jobs.

Participate in events and competitions: Events and competitions offer great platforms for learning and networking. Learning that is so gained through competitions, gives students some real life-long lessons. The act of winning makes the students confident, while losing gives them the resolve to do better. The wonderful times and fun that the students have while participating in these events and competitions enhances their productivity. The heart-to-heart talk at events encourages students to build healthy relationships, exchange perspectives, and engage with people from different cultures.

Asian Business School (ABS), Noida organizes national-level fests like ATHLEEMA (Annual Inter-College Sports Meet), KESSHET (Annual Inter College Cultural Fest), PROMULGARE (National Case Analysis Competition), CONNAISSANCEBIZ (National Business Quiz) and many others. Active participation in such events enables students to connect with like-minded people. They are also able to meet individuals who can help them in their professional journey ahead.

Share your learning: MBA/PGDM is all about understanding the fundamentals of business and learning and how you can become an asset to your organization. It is expected that a good manager will mentor and nurture his team members in various functional and technical aspects. Hence, it becomes important for students to cultivate a sense of sharing. Today, students can also share their knowledge through social media platforms or by creating videos on YouTube. Forming a peer learning group can be another big idea to share their learning. This will not just help students understand things better but will also contribute towards enlightenment of others. Moreover, sharing what students have learnt will also enhance their presentations skills in a big way.

Be a member of a student club: Clubs and other organizations are places where students can make some of their most valued connections and memories to cherish forever. Students can talk about their experience and participation in their job interviews as well. It has been said that learning business strategies simply will not do any good unless pupils have the smartness to apply them. Joining a student club will give the students a platform to hone their skills and learn how to apply their knowledge and skill-set in real life. Generally speaking, a student’s life should be beyond classrooms as exposure in all the domains is equally important. It is, therefore, advised that students should join student clubs as per their interest and ability.

There are various verticals under Asian Business School Student Clubs – such as MarkTechos: The Marketing Club, IT CLUB: TECHNOCRATS, CSR Club, The Finance Club: BULLS & BEARS, Synergize-To-Get-HR Club, Prakriti: The Environment Club, SEED: The Entrepreneurship Club Activity, Gnosis: The Literary Club, UTSAV: The Cultural Club, and Athleema: The Sports Club and many more – where students can apply and gain experience.

Upskill: COVID -19 crisis has, in many ways, made us realize that, no matter what, learning should never stop. There is no doubt agility and upskilling are going to be the desirable traits future managers will look for. So, it is advised that one should grab every opportunity to learn new things.

At Asian Business School (ABS), there is a lot of stress on developing skills as a part of the core course structure.  There are various facilities initiated by the college to delve upon such skills. In fact, the flaunts a dedicated Centre of Skill Development (CSD) to ensure that their students are able to hone-up their skillsets to match the growing expectations of the business world.

In addition, Asian Business School also has a dedicated Corporate Resource Centre (CRC) that gives utmost importance to assist its students in getting suitable placements after the successful completion of their studies. This CRC ensures that every student get the right skill & domain knowledge so that they are easily acceptable to the industry. Moreover, the department organizes activities and workshops that enable students to be effective team leaders as well as team players. This department is operated with twin-fold focus, i.e. augmenting the internal competencies of the students by fostering their contemporary grooming and by enabling industry to identify and absorb intellectuals with requisite technical & managerial skills.

Thus we see that a business school is all about exploration and going the extra mile and the students’ goal should be to draw the maximum mileage out of the resources at their disposal.