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PGD in International Business

Executive Diploma in International Business - ABS

Executive Diploma in International Business

Introduction to International Business: Importance nature and scope of International business; modes of entry into International Business internationalization process and managerial implications, Theories of Protection, tariffs and trade.

Environmental Context of International Business: Framework for analyzing international business environment – Domestic, foreign and global environments and their impact on international business decisions.

International Market Research: Meaning and Importance, Research Process, Dependent and Independent Variables, Research Report Preparation & Presentation Global Trading Environment: World trade in goods and services – Major trends and developments; World trade and protectionism – Tariff and non-tariff barriers.

International Financial Environment: Foreign investments-Pattern, Structure and effects; Movements in foreign exchange and interest rates and then impact on trade and investment flows.

International Economic Institutions and Agreements: WTO, IMF, World Bank UNCTAD, GSP, GSTP and other International agreements; International commodity trading and agreements.

Regional Economic Groupings in Practice: Regionalism vs. multilateralism, Structure and functioning of EC and NAFTA; Regional economic cooperation, Foreign exchange market- arbitrage and market hedging.

Multinational Corporations and their involvement in International Business: Issues in foreign investments, technology transfer, pricing and regulations; International collaborative arrangements and strategic alliances. Intercultural Negotiating Process and Strategies: Cross-Cultural Negotiation and Decision Making, Negotiation Styles, Managing Negotiations, Stephen Weiss Framework.

Harmonizing accounting difference across countries; currency exchange methods for consolidating financial statements; Currency Exchange Remedies, Regional economic cooperation of India SAARC, SAFTA , BRICS, BIMSTEC, International Marketing Decisions: Development of International Marketing Strategy- International Marketing Planning- Development of Organisational Structures, Cultures and Capabilities- Managing and Controlling In-house and External Resources.

Expatriate, National and Global Manager, Standardisation and Issues of Globalisation in International Marketing, Selection of Tools for International Market Analysis Export Procedures and Documentations, Terms of Sale, Inco-term, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDU, DDP terms, Different Terms of Payments, Counter Trade and its Forms, Terms of Offer, Lines of Credit, Export Promotions: Institutional Infrastructure for Export Promotion and Initiatives taken by Govt. of India Emerging Developments and Other Issues: Growing concern for ecology; Counter trade; IT and international business.

Marketing Specialization-Intennational Marketing

Need For International Marketing, Driving And Restraining Forces, Evolution Process, Process Of Internationalization

Identifying And Analyzing Opportunities In The International Trading Environment, Trade Barriers, And Major International Bodies: IMF, World Bank, WTO: International Marketing Implications.

Information Abundance Vs Scarcity, Information Subject Agenda, Sources Of Market Information, Formal Research, Estimation By Analogy, Study Of Patterns Choices, Selection And Decision, Which Market To Enter, Timing, Scale And Mode Of Entry, Factors To Be Considered For Entry Strategies. International Marketing Strategies, Distribution Strategies & Pricing Strategies.

Finance Specialization-International Finance Management

Evolution of International Financial Management, Bretton Woods, International Monetary Fund, Activities of IMF, IBRD, Role of World Bank, Exchange Rate Regimes, European Monetary System, Exchange Rates, Balance of Payment, importance. Foreign Exchange Market, indicators of Rate and theories.

Risks (Transaction, translation & economic), evaluation of exchange rate exposure for firms, hedging, risk in forward market, risk in money market. Foreign exchange futures market, foreign exchange options market, currency swaps, interest rate risk measurement, interest rate futures, and fixed rate instruments under OTC Theories based on market structure, theory of product cycle, Currency of invoicing, letter of credit, bill of exchange, bank transfer, funding choices, international project financing, risks of international projects, euro-credit market, euro-bonds market, equity financing (GDR/ ADR), Euro notes.

Human Resource Specialization: International Human Resource Management

What is IHRM, Issues in IHRM, Barriers to effective Global HRM, Nature of IHRM, International Lab out Market – Sources, Net HR Requirements, Role of IHRM in Joint Venture.

Compensation and Benefits, Appraising performance of subsidiary staff: Appraisal systems, acceptance & resistance, Expatriate Training, Types of Cross-Cultural Training, Definition, Expatriate Failure, The roles of Expatriate,, Women and Expatriation, Repatriation, Designing a Repatriation Program

Research Project in each semester highlighting the current issues related to International market and environment.

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