Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year’22- A success story!

The most coveted event of the campus, Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 was initiated quite some time back and the Semi Finale of this event was held on 16 April 2022 resulting in 5 teams to fight it out for the ultimate prize. These teams from PGDM Batch 2020 included Rohini; Kushagra Tiwari, Anushka Tyagi, and Aman Singh; Himanshu Kumar and Adesh Kumar; Alok Gupta; Ashish Sharma; Kartik Rattan and Aman Sinha. Ever since the teams qualified for the finals, they stepped up the gear to put in the efforts to win the Seed Find of Rs. 5 Lacs as funded by the institute. They worked with their Faculty Mentors who sort of helped them on various aspects including technical feasibility, and market analysis to go along with financial aspects related to their business ideas.

As we approached towards the D-Day, it sorts of raised the crescendo to surreal levels as Mr. Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee-Safe was announced to be the Chief Guest and Judge for the event to be held on 24 May 2022.

The Grand Finale started with words of motivation and advice to the contestants from Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director, AEG; Mr. Saurabh Sharma, Director, AEG; Mr. Gurdeep Singh Raina, Director, AEG. Thereafter Mr. Bagaria addressed the students and spoke about his own journey and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

As the contestants started to present their business ideas, the judge was spellbound listening to their plans. We had Anushka and the team coming up with a potential solution for the farmers, Alok and the team planning to start something in the world of entertainment, Himanshu and the team proposing a solution for the ones living away from their families, Ashish speaking about the pharmaceutical venture he has actually started quite recently and Rohini proposing a Hospital on Wheels as a solution for the critically ill people. Their ideas were so innovative and realistic that it was difficult to guess the winner even after going through their presentations.

But as they say that every competition has to have only one winner and quite fittingly our team- Alok Gupta, Kartik Rattan, and Aman Sinha created history by winning this edition of Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year’2022 thereby taking home a Seed Fund of Rs. 5 Lacs as funded by Asian Business School along with Certificates, medals, and a glittering shield. At the same time, Dr. Swati Bhatia being the Faculty Mentor of the winning team went on to bag an Apple iPad as a token of appreciation from the institute to have guided her team to put their foot on the path of entrepreneurship. The host of the event, Ms. Garima Malhotra was all praise for one and all and she thanked Mr. Vikas Bagaria for consenting to be the judge of the event.

The success of the event Young Asian Entrepreneur of the Year’22 set the standards high and opened doors for many more seasons to come in the future.