Industrial Visit @ Moser Bear, Greater Noida | 28th October, 2016

Asian Education Group organized Industrial Visit to Moser Bear India Limited, Greater Noida for the PGDM (15-17) batch. This visit aimed to update the students about the various channels of production and distribution in the company. The students were shown a company presentation.

The students were enthusiastic about this visit and were enriched on the ways the company functions. They were made aware about the innovations that are taking place in the company.

This industrial visit was coordinated by Ms. Vinita Arora.

Industrial Visit @ Relaxo Industries | 26th August, 2016

Asian Business School, Noida organized Industrial visit to Relaxo Industries. The students of PGDM 2nd year went to the site at Bahadur Garh, Haryana. The group was divided into two batches and they were taken separately for the entire visit of plant.The students learned the entire process of manufacturing Relaxo Footwears as well as their quality control policies and methods. A memento was also presented to Mr. Raj Kumar Gill – Sr. Manager -P&A (HR)

The industrial trip was coordinated by Mr. Suchetan Trivedi and Mr. Nikhil Garg.

Industrial Visit @ Yakult Danone | 26th August, 2016

Asian Education Group organized an industrial visit for the newly inducted students of BBA (16-19) batch. They were taken to Yakult Danone Pvt. Ltd., Sonipat. The students got an opportunity to get corporate exposure by the means of industrial visit. Such visits make the young and budding managers broaden their understanding with respect of corporate functioning.

Danone India Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and sells probiotic products. The company offers a probiotic health drink, which is a fermented milk drink and functional food that contains beneficial bacteria for various age groups, including children and pregnant women. It offers its products through a network of supermarkets, high volume retailers, bakeries, chemists, hospitals, office canteens, and small retailers in India.

Asianites were enthusiastic about this visit and got firsthand knowledge how various channels work in synergy to produce a brand.

Mother Dairy Plant | 11th April, 2016, Monday

Asian Education Group conducted the industrial visit on 11-4-16; the students visited Mother Dairy Plant, Parparganj, New Delhi. Students were extended a warm welcome by the experienced member of the Mother Dairy. She showed the operations that were done in the plant, which happens to be the biggest plant in Asia as well.

Students were shown a video about how Mother Dairy came into existence and its contribution in the white revolution. They also came across the four important stages adopted by mother dairy to ensure quality milk such as – clarification, homogenization, pasteurization and standardization.

Asianites were engaged in the interactive session wherein they got an opportunity to learn about the operations, marketing and distribution strategies adopted by Mother Dairy. They got an insight view of the process of ice-cream production. They also learnt about the of the tankers and how they are weighed and tested at the time of arrival and departure. They enjoyed this excursion and were updated on a number of issues related to dairy products.

Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Asianites have reached Industrial plant of Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Baddi, District Solan. They are on their educational excursion for two days. This industrial visit will broaden their understanding of the manufacturing, packaging and distribution channels of the company. This industrial visit will enhance their appreciation of pragmatic aspect about the functioning of this plant.
Priyanka Kalra
Priyanka Kalra, student of PGDM (15-17) batch shares “This industrial visit is a great exposure. We have a rare opportunity to explore more in power technology. I am really happy and excited as I have reached Baddi and I will know more about Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd…..Thank you ABS.”shivanshu

Shivanshu Khanna, student of PGDM (15-17) batch shares, “I am happy to be part of this industrial visit to Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Baddi. This has given me a great opportunity to know about the functioning of the plant and will enable me to explore Himachal Pradesh as well.”


Anmol Bakers Pvt. Ltd. | 12th March, 2016, Saturday

Industrial visits are an important factor in the learning process of Management students. It makes them relate theories they learnt at Institute with actual working environment of an Industry. Industrial visits provide vital information about the organization, its performances and various functioning process of the organization. To offers the hands on learning experience, an industrial visit for PGDM 2015-17 batch students was scheduled on Saturday, 12th March 2016 at Anmol Bakers Pvt. Ltd. at their Greater Noida plant.

Anmol Biscuits is a prominent Biscuit Manufacturing Company of India. Formed in 1994, is the fastest growing manufacturer of biscuits in India. Headquartered at Kolkata, the company operates with an all-India sales network of 600,000 retailers and 3,000 distribution channels. Today, taste, nutrition, hygienic standards, and acceptable price define the Anmol brand promise. Anmol always looks forward to fulfill the aspirations with a global approach and delivers viable returns to the society, consumers and its stakeholders.

It was a great learning experience for students as they learnt about Anmol’s product range, marketing strategies, quality assurance, distribution channels, market share in the food industry and production process.

Mr. B.S. Sharma, factory coordinator appreciated the Q & A session and was much impressed by the enthusiasm of ABS students. She completed the learning approach of students & quoted that Asian Business School is certainly among the best business schools in Delhi/NCR which is much focused toward the overall development of students. She thanked faculty members & students for their visit.