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ABS – Learning sessions for class 6 th to 8 th in Asgarpur Government School.

Asian Business School in collaboration with Unnat Bharat Abhiyan cell visited local government school and village Asgarpur on 7th December, 2022. The event was coordinated by Dr. Swati Bhatia & Dr. Veenu Arora, Keeping in mind the various requirements and outcomes of first exploration visit, students conducted teaching sessions for class 6th to 8th under three subject’s domain –English, Mathematics and Science as per NCERT syllabus. Sessions were designed according to learning outcome-based methodology as required for their assessment purpose. They taught school children in creative and innovative ways to enhance their learnings and provide them with good learning experiences. The school children were thrilled with the experience and enjoyed the learning sessions. The students of ABS also contributed to the school stationary items, sports equipment and notebooks in order to provide and assist in 360° learning experiences.

A group of students also performed Nukkad Natak in various places in village Asgarpur. The theme of Nukkad Naatak was – “Right to Education” and various benefits provided by Govt for free education. In this play, the importance of education was displayed. Also, government facilities like free education, mid-day meal and free uniform were also highlighted. The play was prepared in such a way that it displayed an important message to local residents and engaged them as audiences as well. All the information about procedures and facilities of government education plans were enacted in the form of dramatic scenes in an interesting and engaging manner. It was a good and overwhelming experience for ABS students also.