“Establish your goals and persevere until you attain success, unwavering in your determination. Confronting initial challenges in a foreign country taught me the importance of perseverance and resilience”.

  • Admin Account Human Resource Officer
    Strategic Oil and Gas Services

  • Senior Executive
    Info edge India Ltd.

Q1: To begin with, kindly share with us how you feel about connecting with your alma mater after a long time.

Ans: It feels amazing to be recognized as Alumni of the Month. Ten years back, If I recall the memories, I had an amazing time at ABS. Back then, we had time for both friends and study, but now, we focus more on work and family. I fondly remember the extracurricular activities; they brought me so much joy and fun. As an HR major, I was involved in every activity in every form. Since the beginning, I aimed to improve my public speaking skills, and I encourage everyone to participate, even if you feel hesitant.

Q2: It’s been more than five years that you have been working as an Account Human Resource Officer with Strategic Oil and Gas Services, tell us about your role and responsibilities.

Ans: I am currently working as a Senior HR. I began my career in 2018 as an executive in the oil and gas sector. Presently, I handle manpower for both Indian and international operations within this high-risk industry. My responsibilities include managing everything from employee onboarding to payroll. After initial training, I refer employees to senior staff for further tasks.

Q3: Like many Gulf countries, Oman relies heavily on foreign workforce in different sectors. This can lead to issues related to cultural differences and language barriers. How has your experience been so far?

Ans: No matter the country, adapting to changes is essential. I came here in 2018 and faced a lot if initial challenges due to the high rate of Omanisation, where preference is given to recruiting local talent. This results in cutthroat competition, requiring you to put in significantly more effort to succeed. Culturally, the dress code and norms might differ, but the people are down to earth, practical, and value personal and professional space. They are keen to recruit more individuals, and with the right talent, you can succeed.

Q4: How do you stay updated with industry trends and best practices in human resource management?

Ans: To stay updated with industry trends and best practices in human resource management within the oil industry in Oman, we are being provided with regular online and physical training where we participate actively. We receive extensive training and have become accustomed to the rapid rise of digitalization. We are adept at adopting new tools and techniques, utilizing various training software, and adapting to new challenges.

Q5: When you reflect on your journey at ABS, how do you see your learnings guiding you in your career choices?

Ans: In my opinion, PGDM curriculum is crucial as it provides a comprehensive blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for today’s dynamic business environment. It equips students with advanced management concepts, strategic thinking abilities, and hands-on experience through case studies, internships, and industry projects. This curriculum fosters critical thinking, leadership, and decision-making skills, preparing graduates to excel in various managerial roles and effectively navigate the complexities of the modern business world. My advice to students would be to approach the curriculum with seriousness, paying attention to every detail and understanding the outcomes of each topic thoroughly.

Rapid Fire:

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world right now, where would you go? – US
  • Coffee or tea? – Both
  • If you could have dinner with any historical figure, who would it be?- Queen Elizabeth I
  • Beach vacation or mountain getaway? – Mountain
  • Early bird or night owl? – Early Bird
  • If you could have any superpower, what would it be? – To remain invisible and freely do as I please.