Q1: To begin with, tell us about your time at ABS.

Ans: It was the best of the times. I came as a student and left as a professional. I was delighted to be recognized as Alumni of the Month. My journey at ABS was more like a transition. I took admission to the PGDM course with zero clue about the professional world and the corporate culture. I was molded into a professional rather than just a student who was seeking a job. There were a couple of personality development classes. I remember our knowledge was not restricted to bookish facts but real-time scenario classes.

Q2: Co-curricular activities during college play a crucial role in shaping one’s personality What club activities were you involved in?

Ans: I was majorly involved in NGO activity as I still remember its name which was “I am the Change activity”. Our team won an award for the same. College gave us summer internships and conducted entrepreneurial activities, and marketing activities, where we used to put up stalls and convince faculty members to buy our products. It helped me gain a lot of confidence and real insights.

Q3: You got placed in Deloitte through college placement. How did you prepare yourself for the placement interviews?

Ans: Since the beginning of my college life, I carried my dream of securing a job. I never focused on any monetary benefits but always looked for a role that would add to my professional knowledge and skills. I always wanted my CV to speak about my professional experience.  Even before the interview process commenced, I did a lot of research about the company and its job profiles. I researched the industry insights and behavioral interview questions. I made notes about what possible questions can be asked from my resume. I prepared a lot before the versant test and repeatedly solved the test available on online platforms.

Q 4. Talking about the placement process, what tips you would like to share with our students to perform their best?  

Ans: Well, most of these strategies require some degree of practice, persistence, and patience. It would require a strong mind, capable of tackling the challenges of modern life; information overload, competing demands, competitive and challenging work environments, and dealing with people. Understanding and adapting to the culture of a workplace needs to be learned through listening more to Industry people. During my interview round, I was asked about my graduation percentage which was low in comparison to my scores in post-graduation and intermediate. I knew it was due to personal turmoil; however, I proved it with a response to my learning ability and adaptability. Finding extra stamina to work toward your personality, skills, education, expectations, attitudes, and behavior is essential along with how you can gain trust within your team.

Q5: How have you evolved in your professional career?

Ans: Coming out of my comfort zone i.e. from your study place to a professional place is a transformative journey. The corporate world is more demanding. Gradually you start learning from the training sessions, and the various kinds of expectations that you have to fulfill. In a couple of years, it does not get stick to monetary benefits but a big picture. A future that is aligned with your goals, your team performance, and your team strength become the backbone of your success in your professional life.

Q6: Any learnings from your international diploma course from Oxford Business College, London.

Ans: Firstly, the elite diploma course added fuel to my CV. I remember it was a group activity. We were asked to collect some sort of data and complete a marketing survey. Interacting with people of a different country and getting International exposure was a great experience.

Rapid Fire:

  1. ABS in two words – Network and Professional
  2. One professional quality – Adaptability
  3. Best advice you received in college life- Eagerness to learn
  4. Best memorable day of professional life – Recognized for the team, backbone of the team
  5. Backbone of your inspiration – My mentor
  6. Fav corner – Cafeteria