Q1: Memories are cherished in life’s every phase of life. One such phase is College life. What are some of the moments of joy & remembrance you had at ABS?

Ans: It feels so nostalgic and exciting to be an Alumni of the Month. Walking down the cafeteria lanes brought back those fresh memories where we spent our times during the lecture gap and used to rush back to the classes.  I remember how laughing with friends in one corner of the canteen area turned out to be the best therapy ever. These are some of the fresh memories that always bring a smile to my face.  I chose marketing and HR. I was focused. I was sincere and always on time. I participated in various speaking activities.

Q2. As you have completed many internships as Campus Ambassador, Marketing Intern, social media, and HR intern, how did the “real world” experience of internships help you to prepare for your current role at KPMG? What is your success story in navigating your journey towards this role? 

Ans: I believe curiosity prepares the brain for learning. As a PGDM student, I nurtured curiosity and aspiration to learn new things as I did not want to give up on any opportunity.  The closure of college due to the outbreak in 2020 led to an unprecedented impact on our regular classroom mode. However, I quickly adopted the new ways of learning and utilized the period to its maximum.  I was involved in multi projects and so completed many internships.  During Internship,  I started with sales during the initial days of my career. I wanted to opt for managerial roles. However, when reality hits you hard, your dreams shatter. I waited for the right opportunity and finally, one day, I got a call from Pawan sir who was very supportive even after my college ended. As we were not restricted with one offer, I had two in my hand. I had zero clue about HR Tech. I had different notions about HR. But once you get in, you know the reality. I got selected in Big 4. I thought my life was set. I was again in the seventh sky. Director said that we usually hire from IIMs. Initial months were super hard for me. Noone helped me. People had a lot of work of their own. Professional people.

Q 3. KPMG is one of the big four accounting organizations. You have commendably secured a role of Associate Consultant and working in Advisory. How does this organization work and what is your role? What were some of the challenges you overcame to achieve your dream?

Ans: Frankly speaking, I was offered a role which was naive to me. I was least interested in HR as I felt it does not pay you well.  I seeked assistance from HR but it was not satisfactory. However, to be honest, Big four organisations prepare you to take charge of learning and imbibing those learnings into performance. My current job role is to make the HR process easy so their compensation runs and  performance appraisal easily. I work on SAP software which aligns HR roles with technology. When I got a selection call from KPMG, I was on the top of my world. However, initial challenges such as reporting to senior clients, dealing with them, and less assistance during my training days by the seniors brought me to a reality world where I confronted myself to accomplish it with my own efforts, no matter how many months it takes. This is how I prepared myself for this role. Today, I have good terms with clients who are 50+ in age, and that’s where I grew professionally step by step.

Q 4. If you recall your learnings from ABS, how do you see the learnings guide you in your career and make better decisions?

Ans: There are two types of things. Technical skills and behavioural classes. I remember, we had aptitude classes which trained us for logical and aptitude based reasoning questions.  In our PDCC classes, we were even taught power color combinations and how to look presentable with the right accessories and right combination of business attires. I always remained sincere and punctual as ABS also taught me the value of being on time which now plays a crucial role in my professional life. I am admired for my punctuality.

Q 5. It is always believed that college life teaches you a lot about life skills. Can you recall any such memorable experience of participating in any event during your college life that shaped your personality in a professional way?

Ans: Participating in business plan competition, public speaking events always give you the confidence to face the public in large and trust yourself.

Rapid Fire:

  1. Three best habits your learnt in college life (ABS)- Punctuality, Dressing Formally, Communication skills
  2. A lesson learned at college that changed your life – Overcoming my casual behavior and become more professional (at ABS)
  3. A quote that you follow the most- God help those who help themselves
  4. Fav subject – HR
  5. Any one achievement of your professional life – I am the only consultant in KPMG (north zone) who knows two modules compensation and performance.