ABS ignited my passion to pursue my dreams and offered me a lifestyle. 


 Q1: After so many years, how does it feel to come back with the title of Alumni of the Month?

Ans: It’s a different feel. Being the alumni of the month is one of the most amazing feelings ever. ABS changed my life in every possible way. I cherish my time with the teachers who loved and admired us and friends who became family and supported my dreams.

Q 2. Your journey from a PGDM graduate to becoming a sports professional is an inspiration to pursue your passion. Can you please throw some light on your journey?

Ans: Talking about my journey, If I go down memory lane, I have been a sports fanatic since my school days. I left sports due to a major accident. Life took another turn and I felt the importance of studies in my life. I became serious about academics during my PGDM. I got placed in Decathlon where I worked sincerely for three years. I realized my passion for sports and decided to pursue my dream of a sports club.

Q 3: Since you are a sports enthusiast, what memories do you recall from ABS that helped you pursue your passion?

Ans: I remember participating in every event and activities during my college days. I was enthusiastic about anything and everything whether it was kasschet, athleema, freshers’ party, conference. I had an ambition for sports since I was young. I got placed in Decathlon which I consider as my achievement and best memory of college life.

Q 4. How did the management learnings and skill set you acquired during the PGDM course help you to start your sports club?

Ans: I would say, theoretical knowledge coupled with practical exposure pave the path to learn the right set of skills. Handling responsibility, being spontaneous in approach, and quick decision-making are some of the managerial learning that helped a lot in building my foundation. I remember, post-COVID, there were a lot of apprehensions about starting the club again. However, with an effective approach and passion for never giving up, I stood up again and looked for more avenues to relaunch my club. Today, we have collaborated with major rock concerts, sunburn festivals, drive-in cinemas, and many more thrill activities.

Q 3.  You were previously associated with Decathlon Sports India where you handled certain positions. How did those learnings prepare you to start your club?

Ans: At Decathlon, I started my journey as a sports advisor. I was promoted to recruitment referent within 40 days and finally landing a leading position as a Department Manager in another 6 months. I believe my passion for growth, and being able to deal with people and negotiate with them were the major learnings that prepared me to start my club.

Q 5. You started your career as a sales intern at Bonanza Portfolio Ltd and acquired some skills such as strategic planning and business development. What learnings you would like to share with the students?

Ans: Follow your passion and always consider your self-worth. I realized my passion in during my first job role and have lived up to the same till date.

Rapid Fire:

  1. Fav Sport- Cricket
  2. Fav sportsperson- Virat Kohli
  3. A quality you admire in self- Passion
  4. Best advice you ever received- Live life happily
  5. Passion or Career – Passion
  6. Fav corner at ABS- Cafeteria