“Have faith in yourself, welcome change, and keep in mind that every event unfolds with purpose”.

Q1: Looking back on your experiences at Asian Business School, which memory continues to bring a smile to your face?

Ans:  As I entered college, I found myself navigating through classes, gravitating towards the area near the window, which quickly became my favorite spot. As I reminisce, I recall the coordinator’s presence, my interactions in classrooms, and how I would often find myself seated with my friends. Memories flood back from receiving scoldings during class for engaging in conversation with my peers. Reflecting on those moments now, I can vividly picture those reprimands, especially when I was affectionately labeled as the most talkative girl.

Q 2.How has your PGDM education played a role in shaping your career path and accomplishments?

Ans: I wasn’t the type of student who spent much time reading books. Instead, my responses often mirrored the practical knowledge imparted by my teachers. They emphasized personal development, allocating two hours for us to enhance our personalities and prepare for the corporate world, ultimately instilling resilience in us. During my orientation day, I vividly remember the words of a guest speaker who warned us, “If you don’t establish connections now, you’ll find it much harder to do so two years down the line.” Here, I acquired the skill of networking, and now, all my fellow classmates are connected on LinkedIn. Despite my lack of proficiency in dance and singing, I was appointed as the president of the cultural club. While I initially felt nervous, looking back, I realize it was the best decision because it helped me find my courage.

Q 3. What initially attracted you to the field of finance, and how has your perception of the industry evolved since then?

Ans: From the start, I excelled in accounting, yet it wasn’t until my internship that I recognized my shortcomings in auditing. This realization sparked my interest in financial risk management. Despite receiving lower marks, the experience proved invaluable. Transitioning to a US mortgage was a new venture for me, but I quickly adapted and even rose to the role of team leader. Within just three months, I earned the title of top employee.

Q 4. You were awarded as ACES ALL DAY at Better (your previous organization name) which got you recognized for your extra-ordinary performance. Could you walk us through your journey of adapting to the modern skill set demanded at the corporate level, enabling you to manage diverse tasks and roles effectively?

In every organization, there are awards that provide recognition and help establish your identity within the team. These awards serve as a significant motivation for me; I strive for them because receiving one brings both motivation and recognition. Being awarded changes the way we work; it inspires us to perform differently and better. When you stand out by doing something unique, you get noticed. Discovering and addressing issues, and discussing solutions with your manager, also garners recognition.

Q 5. Can you describe the work culture of Genpact?
The company’s culture largely depends on its managers. I believe the culture is good overall, but it ultimately comes down to how much you want to learn and benefit from everyone around you.

Q 6. As a former member of the EDIC Club in college, can you share your insights on how students can make the most of the club to develop their entrepreneurial skills?

 Remember, you are working for your growth. Don’t think, “I’m not running a business, so why should I pitch my idea?” Pitching is not just for future entrepreneurs; it enhances your skills, critical thinking, and creativity. It’s about the spirit of participation. Recently, the mega event YEAY offered one student the chance to win a seed fund of 5 lac, but it also provided a platform for other students to pitch their ideas and gain valuable insights from the competition.

Rapid Fire:

  1. Favorite quote or mantra that keeps you inspired – Believe in Yourself, Embrace the change.
  2. If you could master any new skill instantly, what would it be- The art of motivation
  3. A quality you admire in self –An eye of an eagle
  4. Best career advice you ever received-  Be disciplined with your work.
  5. A great personality of Corporate world, who would it be and why – Indra Nooyi & Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Founder – Paytm.