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“The Buzz” Activity @ ABS

Asian Education Group organized Media Club Activity for the students of BBA Ist Semester and BBA III rd Semester students. This activity was hosted by “The Buzz”- Media Club and the theme of this activity was “Each One Teach One”

Students shared a piece of information of the skill that they had developed in someone. The idea was to be creative and unique. Along with imparting skill, they had to weave a story about the importance of that skill to particular person they have chosen in a paragraph. Also they had to click a selfie and shared a nice warm memory of it with the story written. Since the Event consisted a lot of activities, such as skit, choir. The entire focus of activities was on imparting knowledge in an artistic manner.

Students got the opportunity to showcase their talent as well as they got a platform to shed their inhibitions and fears. It not only improved their communication skills, presentations skills, confidence but also by sharing their stories made them realize the importance of sharing knowledge and being a better human being.

The event was coordinated by Ms. Malvika and Ms Anam Afaq.