Taking forward the Club activities series, Finance Club conducted the activity VISHLESHAN based on Fundamental analysis of various listed companies with respect to Market Price, Book Value, Earning per share and establishing relationship with stock Index.

The purpose of the activity was to develop analytical and critical thinking approach for investment decision making in a Company. The outcome also involved gaining knowledge about practical application of statistical tools like regression analysis while preparing a power point presentation to enhance communication skills and team spirit.

The activity was designed for PGDM I SEM Students who participated with great enthusiasm. They picked up companies from diversified sectors and established the relationship with the market movements with valid data backing up their findings. Students were thrilled to understand the practical use of the concepts studied in the class.

Based on the presentation skills, communication, analysis of the data and query handling, the group of Kundan Ganguly, Mohd Faraz Niyazi, Navneet Singh, Ruchi Jain and Abhinav who presented their analysis on MARICO Company was judged the best.


An initiative by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) as the Vigilance Awareness Week was observed from 30th October to 4th November, 2017, with the theme “My Vision-Corruption Free India”. In the same line, ABS also observed the occasion with great enthusiasm, honour and pride. The objective was to create awareness in society towards building it into a better place for the citizens of India, to educate the public at large about the corruption related practices and also educating on how to report it. The initiative turned out to be a mass movement of involving people in saying NO trruption.

The week at ABS was commemorated with a “POSTER MAKING COMPETITION” on the aforementioned theme for students of PGDM. The response of the youth at the college was overwhelming. There was a healthy participation in this event with 13 groups of 5 members each. Students came up with various creative thoughts and ideas, and slogans which were inspirational. The poster making was followed by making a brief presentation and enactment of the same which was enough convincing that these initiatives are worth looking forward.

The winners of the Contest were Simran Lamba, Vijay Thakkar, Gaurav Sindhu, Nagendra Kushwaha and Mahima Jaiswal.


HR Club organized an activity “Design and Deliver” for PGDM students on 7th Oct 2017

The HR Club “Synergize togetHR” of Asian Business School organized an activity “Design and Deliver” for all PGDM Sem I students on 7th Oct 2017. The students participated in this activity with a lot of enthusiasm. The aim of the activity was to develop interpersonal skills that are required to flourish in the corporate world. Students played a pivotal role in arranging and organizing the HR event successfully.

The theme “Design and Deliver” encouraged students to have meaningful insights into recent HR practices and trends. Each team comprised of 4 members wherein they portrayed their views creatively through poster and collage making, and then voicing their opinions through debate. They were evaluated on the basis of Content knowledge on the topic, clarity of expressions and teamwork .


“Picture Prefect” – Gnosis Club Activity at ABS on 19th August 2017


“Gnosis Club” organized an innovative club activity called “Picture Perfect” for PGDM (17-19) Batch on 19th August 2017. All the sections of PGDM participated in this activity which aimed at bringing out the Creativity skills, Innovation skills and Communication Skills through the medium of various pictures. Each student was given time to think on any one picture and create a thematic expression which they were required to present as well.
The students participated in “ Picture Perfect” with lot of enthusiasm and had some really beautiful ideas. It was an insight into the thoughts and perception formulations of the young managers. The students were perfect with their presentations and left the audience spell bound.
Well Done…

“Bulls And Bears”- Saturday Club Activity Held In Asian Business School, Noida

Asian Business School, Noida aligned with the paradigm shift in the professional management education. We are committed to our vision “Growth with Education” and with the view to inculcate the required skill development; we organize a unique event “Club Activity” every Saturday. The aim of this activity is to develop skills in our students with specific domain knowledge which will enhance their employability score.

“Bulls and Bears”- Finance Club Activity was organized on the theme – “Money Matters” on February 6th, 2016. The students were required to design a unique financial product referring to the industry norms. The aim of this activity was to inculcate the importance of innovation and creativity in the students along with the proper understanding of actual policy regulations. The Club activity was initiated with the lighting of the lamp by Dr.Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director, Asian Business School, Noida. The students were divided in different groups and they formulated beautiful presentations which implemented different business strategies. They were required to design financial products in various fields like Car Loan, Insurance sector and Home Loan. Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director Asian Business School and the distinguished faculty members cross questioned the students on their respective financial products. This activity helped the students to develop the right skill set, domain knowledge and professional attitude which are important to enhance their place ability scores. Such activities are value additions to the students and enable them to think and search for out of the box solutions.

“MARKTECHOS” Saturday Club Activity In Asian Business School

Asian Business School, Noida is committed to provide the best of management education. We give an ample opportunity to our students to excel not just in academic field but also derive optimum practical exposure. In that series, Saturday Club activities are organized to bring out the creativity in the students. “Marktechos” Marketing Club activity is organized on January 23th, 2016. The theme of today’s club is “Creative Adda”; PGDM (15-17) batch students were divided in 3 groups. Team A, B and C. Team A portrayed “Bachao App” meant for breakdown service. Team B showcased “Foot Lead Product” (reversible shoes) and Team C came up with “Safer” pendant meant for preventing women against any untoward incident. All the teams came up with most creative and innovative ideas and they made presentation impressive with visual clippings, role play and catchy music. The audience was spell bound with the club activity today.

“SEED”- Saturday Club Activity In Asian Business School, Noida

Asian Business School, Noida is committed to impart academic excellence coupled with pragmatic approach. We organize a number of activities that make the students understand the expectations of the corporate. In that series, we organize Saturday club activity based on various departments and themes. “SEED”- Entrepreneurial Club organized club activity on 16th January 2016. The theme of the club was “SRIJAN-The En-vest Initiative for Startup. ” The students of PGDM (15-17) batch were divided into various groups and they had to launch their own event management company along with feasibility report and had to convince the audience about the same. The students participated in the activity with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

“SYNERGIZE” – Hr Club Activity Held In Asian Business School, Noida

Asian Business School, Noida is committed to its vision “Growth with Education” for its students. We believe in not just imparting academic excellence but also in organizing extracurricular activities. Saturday activity of HR Club “Synergize” was organized on 9th January 2016 on the topic-“Talent Refinery and Making Of the New India 2016 and Beyond”. The Club activity was based on the principles – Job Description, Job Specification and Job Design/ Redesign. The Students of PGDM (15-17) were distributed into Team A, B and C. They were given 30 minutes respectively. The aim of this activity was to help the budding managers learn about their roles and responsibilities in effective running of the organization.

The students of PGDM (15-17) batch participated in the Saturday Club Activity enthusiastically. They understood the megatrends of 2016 and about the new challenges in the area of talent sustainability.

Interactive Learning@ Asian Business School

The boundaries between a teacher and a student are increasingly dimming when it comes to a class room environment. Faculty and other educators are challenged to transition from being “the sage on stage” to the “guide on side,” and the students are challenged to participate more actively during their learning process.

Interactive learning actively engages the students in learning the material. It reinvigorates the classroom for both students and faculty. Lectures are changed into discussions, and students and teachers become partners in the journey of knowledge acquisition.

At Asian Business School, we ardently believe that the attainment of knowledge is not a one way information download process, but a complete interactive two way process. To ensure that the students gain not only knowledge but also develop the skills and abilities to apply the same, we encourage the students to participate in various club activities which are organised within the campus.

Whether it is the Finance Club organizing a presentation, the Literary Club conducting a debate or the Environment Club apprising the students of their responsibility towards the society and nature; it all boils down to one primary Objective – Developing and nurturing the talent by providing them an opportunity to learn in a more hands-on, real-world process of relaying information.

Interactive learning sharpens critical thinking skills, which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning. Being exposed to an environment which allows Asianites to participate actively in their learning process definitely prepares them for their career and equips them with skills which can be enhanced during their Summer Internships or during their Final Placements.

Saturday Club Activity Valuing Salvage 2014

Asian Business School, Noida, organized a Management Lab Activity “VALUING SALVAGE” on Saturday, 29.11.14. The students of PGDM –I (Batch 2014-16) participated in the event which commenced from Tuesday, 25th November 2014. There were total 4 teams of students with 10-12 members each. The activity “Valuing Salvage’ was designed to promote recycle and reuse of scrap materials and to create best out of the waste material. The students had designed different products from the waste material showing their creativity and innovation. “Valuing Salvage” was the contribution from Asian Business School towards ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ which is a mass movement to create awareness of cleanliness and hygiene amongst people of India. The mission was launched by Shri Narendra Modi, Hon’ble Prime Minister Of India on 2nd October 2014.

The objective of the Environment Club “Prakriti” is to raise awareness and understanding the environmental issues, instill a sense of responsibility for the environment and personal commitment

  • to protect
  • to preserve environment
  • to educate
  • to cultivate an appreciation and interest in environment

The club is organizing diversity of programmes aimed at promoting environmental consciousness and protecting the environment. Members contribute by providing creative ideas on how to initiate and organize programmes in line with the club objectives.

The following 4 teams participated in the event “VALUING SALVAGE” on 29.11.14 –

  • Dumps New
  • Decorate India
  • Junk Busters
  • Creativity Fit Organization

The activity was divided into 4 phases. The first phase was the window display and pre-launch promotion of the products designed and created by the students which was undertaken on Thursday and Friday. This phase was judged on the parameters – creativity, innovativeness and display content. The second phase was the launch of the product which was judged on the presentation skills, unique product idea, creativity and quality of presentation. The third phase was the creation of jingles from the sounds of the waste products. The last phase was value generation at the stalls. Amongst the four teams that participated in the event, “Dumps New” was the winning team. This activity was designed to encourage the students to manage waste and utilize the same in the best possible manner.

Saturday Club Activity

CONFLUENCE – HR, Marketing & FinanceAsian Business School, Noida, organized a Management Lab Activity “CONFLUENCE” on Saturday, 20.09.14. The students of PGDM –I (Batch 2014-16) participated in the event and made Presentations and “Nukkad Natak” covering various aspects of HR, Marketing & Finance disciplines. Following were the topics of the Presentations:


  • Organization’s success depends upon its team members
  • Co-ordination is the essence of Management
  • Communication can make or mar the image of an organization


  • Role of social media in modern day marketing
  • Pros and cons of FDI in retail
  • Electronic Retailing – “ A new way of doing business”


  • Role of Banking in the economic growth of the country
  • Pros and cons of an investment by a common man in the stock market
  • Investment options for an individual in the present day scenario

There were 13 Groups who made Presentations and 3 “Nukkad Nataks” were played by the students. In all, 77 students participated in the event. The students depicted different themes of HR, Marketing and Finance with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The results of the event were announced by Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director, ABS, who emphasized the need for participation in such events by the students for their personality development and better learning.

Saturday Club activities – Mark-Techos “The Marketing Club”

Keeping with its tradition of Saturday Club activities aiming to provide students a platform to showcase their talent and turn academic learning into experiential one ,Mark-Techos “The Marketing Club” of ABS hosted its event on 15th June. To begin with, the team assembled a group of talented students capable of handling the various aspects of the event, right from event planning, to documentation and décor.

The event started with “Hall of Fame” wherein participants were given marketing themes on “Marketing Vs Selling”, “Organized Vs unorganised retail”, “Insurance – Private Vs Public”. They had to exhibit the same in their respective classrooms. Their presentations were thronged by faculty members and other students as the classrooms oozed the creativity and innovation demonstrated by participants in representing the themes. The activity was followed by “Vipanan- Vaad Vivaad” – a group discussion round which brought out the presence of most intellectual minds on the campus. The entire team of Mark Techos left no stone unturned in ensuring the event’s inevitable success. The event was a hit with the participants, who responded enthusiastically and were the vital role-players in the events being so successful.

Bulls n Bears

Finance club of Asian Business School staged the first event on Saturday, 22 December 2012 at ABS Theatre. The event witnessed benign presence of Prof. Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director, Asian Business School and respected faculty members.

Finance club of Asian Business School staged the first event on Saturday, 22 December 2012 at ABS Theatre. The event witnessed benign presence of Prof. Sandeep Marwah, President, Asian Education Group, Dr. Lalitya Vir Srivastava, Director, Asian Business School and respected faculty members.

Bulls n Bears have been formulated with the objective of spreading awareness about the financial world, demystifying the myths of personal finance and making the students of ABS economically wiser. The first event entitled – Mutual Fund Awareness Drive – aimed to spread the reach of mutual fund as a concept and product. The format of the event was designed to give students a perspective of mutual fund and enable them to step into the shoes of todays’ relationship managers and pitch the product. The event was also arranged to improve the place-ability scores of the students.

The entire college was divided into three groups – each group having a team of mentors from senior classes. The teams were tasked to prepare an awareness brochure and sell the concept to the faculty and staff. The so-assumed customers rated the teams on the basis of knowledge of the product, persuasion skills, ability to close the deal, and overall performance.

Also, the teams had to display the concept of mutual fund through the soft-board displays on the basis of which they were adjudged. In the end, the teams had to present the concept to the audience using various presentation techniques and role-plays.

The event was compared by Hritvik Shalabh. The three teams presented on three different topics – “Mutual fund – basic concepts”, “how to purchase mutual funds” and “what are the products available for investment better than mutual fund?”

The tagline of the event stated – Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks, please read the offer document carefully before investing, or visit ABS to know more about the product and diversify the risk. The students were visibly engaged and enriched through the event week.

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