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HR Club organized an activity “Design and Deliver” for PGDM students on 7th Oct 2017

The HR Club “Synergize togetHR” of Asian Business School organized an activity “Design and Deliver”   for all PGDM Sem I students on 7th Oct 2017.  The students participated in this activity with a lot of enthusiasm. The aim of the activity was to develop interpersonal skills that are required to flourish in the corporate world. Students played a pivotal role in arranging and organizing the HR event successfully.

The theme “Design and Deliver” encouraged students to have meaningful insights into recent HR practices and trends. Each team comprised of 4 members wherein they portrayed their views creatively through poster and collage making, and then voicing their opinions through debate. They were evaluated on the basis of Content knowledge on the topic, clarity of expressions and teamwork .

Some of the topics were

  1. “Are Women better managers?
  2. Is Rural Development the only solution for un-employment problems?
  3. Is Corporate Social Responsibility a Hypocrisy?
  4. Is Financial Reward the only source of motivation for the employees?

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