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Asian Education Group has been organizing interactions of Asianites with the well known personalities from all walks of life. Recently the  students of PGDM (16-19) Batch  interacted with Mr Jairam Ramesh, who released his new book “Indira Gandhi: A Life in Nature”, which is a unique biography of India’s former Prime Minister.

He mentioned  Mrs Indira Gandhi is remembered as a tough, uncompromising politician, a relatively lesser known trait of Mrs. Gandhi is that she was a passionate naturalist. She was the catalyst of modern India’s wildlife protection and forest conservation laws. She was also the force behind Project Tiger. This unusual biography traces the evolution of India’s green movement by looking at the life of Indira Gandhi through a green lens.

He also answered several questions regarding the real motivation behind writing this book and about how we, as responsible citizens, contribute to greener India. Asianites were enthusiastic about this interaction and learnt a lot from the stalwart of Indian polity.

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