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At ABS, we believe in aligning the right skill set of our students with the requirement of the global market. In accordance with this thought process, we undertake a number of up-gradation measures by virtue of workshops to enhance their corporate competencies and sensitize them on important issues of global research. In this series of skill enhancement program, a workshop on Marketing was conducted by our esteem Director, Dr.Lalitya Vir Srivastava on September 09, 2015. The topic of the workshop was “Bridging the gap between Expected and Actual Performance in Marketing Jobs”. It was a day’s workshop. The objective was to prepare the PGDM 14-16 students with Marketing Specialization for future challenges. It also aimed at sensitizing them for the corporate requirement and work climate. The workshop touched upon the key focus areas –

  • Role and Career path of Marketing Professionals.
  • Marketing jobs –Situation handling.
  • Decision Making Skills.
  • Planning and Implementing the Sales Target.

The workshop helped students to enhance their knowledge and understanding about the requirement at the workplace and analyzing the situation; taking the right decision in given job situation so that they can be counted as human assets for the organization.

It was a wonderful value addition to the Marketing Skills!!!

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