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A series of workshops on EXCEL are being organized in ABS with a view to give an edge to the PGDM students and horn their IT skills and make them corporate ready. This work shop is being conducted by our experienced in house faculty Mr. Brijesh Singh, Assistant Professor IT.

This three day workshop (August 31, 2015 to September 02, 2015) will cover a number of topics including an in depth overview of EXCEL uses of basic Excel formulas and uses of Goal seek and Scenarios Manager.


It will be about Overview of Excel (spread sheet, Work Book, Worksheet, Rows and Columns, Cell) EXCEL shortcuts, Methods to move, copy and paste, Insert Delete and Hiding Rows and Columns, Copy and Clear formats and Merge Cells with Number formats ,Font formula, Alignment, Borders ,Fill Color and Patterns , Viewing , Adding ,Editing and Deleting comments, Uses Conditional Formatting, Using Freeze Panes, Rows ,Columns ,Worksheets and workbook, Methods to move and copy sheets, Uses of Hyperlinks and Define Names, Freezing Print titles and Data Alignment.

This workshop will enrich the students and make them technically competent. It is aimed at making them corporate ready. The timing of this workshop is crucial as it addresses the changing scenario both nationally and internationally. The world is looking eagerly at India as our government has already initiated digitalization in key government departments. It goes without saying that India is at the threshold of new IT revolution and the young managers should be ready to embrace this change.

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