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Asian Business School, Noida is buzzing and pulsating with the continuous arrival of companies to its campus. We are grateful to the corporate to for showing its recognition and appreciation towards the ABS talent pool. In this series of campus drive Proptiger. com visited the campus. The company is a technology platform that leverages the power of technology and data to make the home buying experience rewarding and easy to use. It is the largest technology platform focusing on real estate service industry. It guides the customers through the entire process of buying a home, including search, property identification , price negotiation , documentation, home loan and post sales services. The company has already helped more than 10,000 customers in buying properties worth over US $ 1 billion.

We are proud to share with you that 8 students – Abhineet Sharma, Prashast Kumar Yadav, Sachit Yadav, Manami Saha, Joginder Singh, Alok Kumar Jaiswal, Arun Kumar Poodar and Rahul Raj have been shortlisted by the company. We are sure that we will share their success stories with you soon.

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