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Keeping up with past tradition of success and glory, ABS is making history in achievement of excellence in Management Education. Aligning with the requirements of global market and corporate competencies, the institute imparts the right set of knowledge and skills to its students. In accordance to its belief that the personality of the individual is groomed by the environment they live in, ABS nurtures a healthy and disciplined environment that ensures a corporate driven curriculum and an overall transformation of an individual student to a professional through practical labs, extracurricular activities and competitive events that take place from time to time.

The CRC cell works towards making the students understand the dynamics of professional corporate culture. Continuous up gradation on basis of Guest Lectures, Seminars and workshops has given an edge to our students and helps them to be market ready. We provide them a unique opportunity to visit Oxford with the view to give them international exposure to help them explore and understand the international market. Thus ABS is the unparalleled premier management institute in the entire National Capital Region.

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